Neal by Graflex on Flickr.

I am participating in the 52 sheet project. This is my first sheet for the year.

If you are familiar with my photo stream you would know that Neal and I meet regularly to talk about film and drink coffee. I try to take a portrait of Neal with a different camera every time I see him.

Camera - 1937 Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic (4x5 inch)
Lens - Ilex Astigmat 163mm f/4.5
Film - Fomapan 100
Process - Rodinal 1+50

It was very hot and very bright. I was shooting with a pre-war uncoated lens. I wanted to expose correctly for Neal’s face, shade by his hat, and avoid lens flare. So I got him to sit in the only shade, and I stood on a bench looking down at him so I didn’t have the blinding sky behind him. Worked pretty well.

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